♥︎ How do we define feminine + masculine energetics?

♥︎ Introduction to the 10 Energy Bodies + your Quantum Signal

♥︎ Deep dive into each of the numbers + energy bodies, 1 through to 11


♥︎ Where neuro-science meets spiritual science!> Introduction to your brain; the metaphorical, emotional + fight/flight brain

♥︎ The Brain Battle + Breaking Patterns + Energy Body Mapping

♥︎ H’s Identity Thesis

♥︎ Introduction to “The Betwixt”, i.e. our half way energy bodies + where our energy has been stunted

♥︎ Deep dive into The Betwixts + The Alignment Curves

More audios were created for you in April 2023… please find these inside the FEMME Telegram group – scroll down for the link to join! Please disregard the dates discussed in the zoom replay. You have instant access!


♥︎ Suggested homework if you want to! This experience is no longer live so there’s zero pressure!

♥︎ Q&A from people who joined us live in April 2023.


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